PIEDMONT, S.C. (WSPA) – Whether families are looking for a unique pit stop on their road trip or if some adults are looking for somewhere new to tryout, Golden Grove Farm & Brew is a well kept secret in Piedmont, South Carolina.

The farm has been deemed, by it’s owners, as a business that’s in the middle of everywhere and yet next to nothing. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing Andrew Brown, Golden Grove Farm & Brew co-owner, explained.

“If you look at us on the map, we’re in the dead center of the Upstate. We’re the only brewery you can see from the highway,” Brown said.

Tucked right beside Interstate 85, the nearly 35 acres of land holds Golden Grove’s farm, brewery, walking trails, 18 disc golf holes, and a fishing pond.

Open for nearly four years, Brown explained that the brewery business wasn’t actually something he and his wife intended to start, it just happened.

“This [brewery] was for storage. A place where I put my home brew stuff,” Brown explained.

But a Christmas party helped kick off the idea and the rest has been continuous building of the business and sharing all that the farm has to offer Brown added.

“I feel like that’s kind of our duty. It’s to pay it forward and to show people the great outdoors. Just because the whole brewery thing is a community thing,” Brown said.

To continue promoting local businesses, the bar showcases: locally grown and ground coffees, beauty products like beard oils, beard moisturizers, soaps, lip glosses, and foods like simple syrups, and jams. They also patron local restaurants and food trucks offering tamales and brunch menus.

“It’s about bringing people together. It’s about doing things for a cause and giving extra incentive like this, is a way to get people out here,” Brown said.

The farm’s fun character meets you in the driveway and fills out the brewery from the roadway mural leading up the drive, to the mailbox and the brewery business sign.

Each of the 20 drink taps has a tiny Funko character, the creative drink names, and almost each and every hook for the 160 mugs in the mug club has given Brown a wealth of stories about club members.

“One guy over there, he’s a rocket engineer. That’s a wing from a rocket ship that he designed that went to space,” Brown explained. “We want it to, you know, feel welcoming.”

There are live band performances, a basketball, and shuffle board table to enjoy at the bar. There’s also a chance to watch some of the brewing process for any of the beers, ciders or coffees they make.

Since Golden Grove is a brewery and a farm, Brown does grow his own hopps. He also has a garden and greenhouse where he grows some fruits and vegetables which are used in dishes like pizza and nachos. He also makes black garlic and vinegar based salad dressings.

During the growing season visitors can see Brown’s harvest before it becomes ‘Farm-to-Table’ by taking the walking trail that leads to the fishing pond.

“We actually had a kid from a Bass Fishing Team that caught about a 7lbs Bass this past year. So, there’s definitely a good fish culture in there,” Brown added.

Fishing is open to customers, it is catch and release. Visitors can also use the paddle board, rowboat and peddle boat that can be found along the pond’s edge. 

The pond has been known to claim a few frisbees due to some of the disc golf holes position near the lake.

“We designed it to where it brings you back and forth to the brewery the whole time. So about every three holes you can come back to the brewery,” Brown said.

If you’re taking a road trip with your RV or camper and need a place to stay for the night, Brown said Golden Grove is part of the Harvest Hope Program, allowing customers to stay overnight. He added that of course children and pets are welcome.

While the farm and brewery offer quite a bit to customers, Brown noted that they have plans for more. Construction to expand the kitchen and brewery is currently underway.

“We definitely want to be more of a brew pub. Do sandwiches where we bake our own breads, pizzas where we’re making the dough,” Brown said.

He went on and explained that behind the brewery he’d like to have a large a beer garden.

“It’s thanks to COVID,” Brown started off, “that the outside space is where it’s at. You know, for events, you can just have more people outside. You can just do more and who doesn’t wan to be outside?”

Since overnight stays, due to Harvest Hope, Brown said he was inspired by some of the customer’s renovated buses into mobile homes. Thus, he purchased a school bus and has plans to turn it into a mobile brewpub, bar, and performance stage, making Golden Grove mobile.

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