Dick’s Sporting Goods is hiring as many as 9,000 workers for the holidays, upping its seasonal workforce by more than 1,000 from last year, the retailer said on Thursday.

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based sporting goods retailer is looking to bulk up staff and service at its 726 stores across the country as well as at its nationwide distribution centers as online sales play a greater role at Dick’s and its competitors. 

While the ongoing pandemic has curbed the usual number of people shopping in person, the company indicated it is expecting a surge in online sales to continue through the holiday season. 

Dick’s online sales jumped 194% during the second quarter, including curbside pickup, purchases online, pickup in stores and shipping from stores, the retailer said.

Dick’s plans to pay workers a 15% premium through the end of the year, and give workers discounts of up to 25% on its products, the company added. The company described its wages as “competitive,” but did not immediately respond to requests for what its hourly pay rate would be.

Lord & Taylor to close all its stores


The company said it would kick off its hiring spree next week, on Wednesday, October 14.

E-commerce giant Amazon in mid-September said said it would hire 100,000 full- and part-time workers across the United States and Canada for jobs including sorting customer orders and making deliveries. 

While retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target have seen increased sales during the health crisis, others have not fared as well. J.C. Penney, J.Crew and Brooks Brothers have all gone bankrupt, and Lord & Taylor recently said it would be closing its stores for good.