Prosecutors have charged a 30-year-old Kansas City man with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Daisy S. Martinez last week, according to court documents released Saturday.

Diego Calderon-Guzman also faces charges of unlawful use of a weapon, unlawful possession of a firearm and two counts of armed criminal action, according to a release from the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office.

Calderon-Guzman allegedly told detectives that he fired the shots when a fight broke out during a Mexico Independence Day celebration shortly before 11 p.m. Wednesday near West 27th Street and Southwest Boulevard, according to court documents.

Martinez and another woman were struck by gunfire. Arriving officers found the two victims lying on the sidewalk and they were rushed to a hospital where Martinez died.

Police said a group of “dozens if not hundreds” of people had gathered there as part of the celebration and numerous cars were leaving the area when they arrived.

Surveillance video captures shooting

Detectives canvassing the crime scene found surveillance cameras in the area of the homicide. While reviewing the footage, detectives observed a large crowd and large number of vehicles driving toward the camera, according to court documents.

The video showed a black Chevrolet Silverado pickup with a red LED light street and a large Mexican flag affixed to the center rear bumper in a parking lot.

Two men ran to the truck and one unlocks the door on the driver side. The other man opens the passenger side door and allegedly pulls out what appears to be a chrome AK-47, according to court documents.

Meanwhile, a crowd of people, which includes Martinez, were seen running down the street and through the parking lot. The man allegedly fires the rifle toward the street and Martinez falls to the ground in the parking lot, according to court documents.

The man gets into the truck and the truck leaves the parking lot. Martinez is seen lying face down.

Police chase suspect truck

While investigating the shooting, officers learned that the alleged shooter was seen fleeing the truck. Officer also were able to get the truck’s license plate number. A description of the truck was broadcast over police radio, according to court documents.

Officers on patrol spotted the truck near East 12th Street and Jackson Avenue and tried to pull it over. The driver of the truck allegedly refused and sped away.

Police chased the truck, which allegedly reached speeds of 70 mph on streets through residential areas. Eventually, the truck stopped at East 23rd Street and Agnes Avenue, where police took the driver, who is also the truck’s owner, and a passenger in to custody, according to court documents.

Inside the truck, police allegedly found a chrome-plated AK-47-style rifle and a cell phone.

Questioning by detectives

According to court documents:

During question by police, the owner of the truck told detectives that he and his passenger, who is his cousin, had been initially been at the Legends shopping center in Kansas City for a “truck cruise” and then they went down to Southwest Boulevard.

The driver told police that after a while people started running towards him, so he and his cousin got into the truck and left.

The driver told police that neither he nor his cousin fired any weapons. The driver allegedly told police that the rifle in the truck was his and that there was a handgun in the truck also.

Detectives obtained a search warrant for the truck and recovered the rifle. The Kansas City Police Department’s Crime Lab concluded the rifle matched the shell cases found at the scene.

Under further questioning, detectives showed the driver a photo from the surveillance video of a passenger entering the truck. The driver allegedly identified the person as Calderon-Guzman, a family friend, and that it was Calderon-Guzman who shot the victim, according to court documents.

When detectives showed the passenger the photo from the video, the passenger said the person was his older brother, Calderon-Guzman.

Suspect in killing arrested

According to court documents, Police took Calderon-Guzman into custody on Friday.

During questioning, Calderon-Guzman said he was on Southwest Boulevard for the celebrations and at one point people started fighting and shooting guns.

Calderon-Guzman allegedly told detectives that he ran to the truck, grabbed the rifle and fired shots at people he believed where shooting at him, court documents said.

He got back into the truck and the truck’s owner started to drive out of the parking lot. Calderon-Guzman allegedly said he saw Martinez lying on the ground and told the owner to stop, according to court documents.

The owner didn’t and eventually dropped Calderon-Guzman off by Ninth Street and Van Brunt, where a friend picked him up and took him home.

Calderon-Guzman allegedly admitted to being convicted of the felony of indecent liberties with a child in June 2013 in Wyandotte County. Calderon-Guzman admitted he was not allowed to possess firearms because of the conviction, according to court documents.

Prosecutors have requested a bond of $500,000.

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