The Discovery Channel, in partnership with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), is taking viewers to the front lines of the state’s horrific wildfires in a new multi-platform series.

“Cal Fire” won’t premiere until later this year, but Discovery will air a “first look” episode at 10 p.m. tonight (Sept. 22) that delivers what the network calls “an in-depth view” of the current wildfires ravaging parts of California. Viewers can also follow the heroic firefighters during wildfire season now on the  Discovery GO app or at

Discovery says multiple camera crews have been embedded with Cal Fire’s firefighters across the state — from Shasta in the North to San Diego in the South — for the past three months. They’re using “cutting edge technology” including fire-resistant helmet cameras to bring viewers “an ultra-immersive perspective” on the blazes.

Crews were required to undergo “Red Flag” training and were equipped with special protective gear in order to accompany the firefighters on the fire lines. During California’s most destructive fire season ever, Cal Fire has deployed all of its 7,000 firefighters, and the worst is likely yet to come as they prepare for the fast-approaching Santa Ana wind season in Southern California.

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