President Donald Trump’s campaign continued Friday to send out announcements of upcoming appearances, even as he quarantines with COVID-19.

“He’s heading to Houston, Texas next week and he specifically requested that we reach out to YOU to accompany him,” one campaign email read.

Another, sent just before midnight Thursday, asks “Can you come to Los Angeles with me? I’m hosting a very important event soon and rather than spend my time with the Hollywood ELITES who HATE US, I want to spend my time with REAL Patriots like YOU.”

But even die-hard supporters may not want to accompany the President at the moment, and it seems questionable whether either event will move forward on scheduled dates. Trump announced early Friday he and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus.

The White House announced both individuals were quarantining. While the President intends to carry out his duties “without disruption” as he recovers, campaign stops in all corners of the country remain in doubt.

The campaign already canceled a rally scheduled for Friday evening at Orlando-Sanford International Airport.

Much of Trump’s team must now test for COVID-19. In addition to the Trumps, Senior Press Advisor Hope Hicks tested positive for the virus on Thursday.

Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have so far tested negative.

It’s unclear how long the Trumps will remain in quarantine and when events will start again. Rep. Greg Steube, a Sarasota Republican, told Fox & Friends on Friday morning he was hopeful rallies can continue, even without Trump present.

“I hope they could try to do his rallies as long as he is feeling well,” Steube said. He suggested the President could appear remotely.

“I’ve done many events in Florida right here from Washington remotely through Zoom or through Skype. Maybe he’s able to do his job effectively and campaign effectively as long as he’s not having any symptoms.”

While the invitations to Texas and California events continued to flow from the campaign, another piece of purported communications appears to be a hoax. That was a fundraising appeal suggesting donations to the campaign would help the President’s recovery. It does not appear to be a legitimate communication from the campaign, and contained multiple grammatical errors.