The University of Houston’s TDECU Stadium has a new photo op spot, thanks to Houston artist and muralist Donkeeboy.

Alex Roman Jr., more commonly known as Donkeeboy, created a mural located inside the Gate 2 entrance of the stadium featuring the skyline, UH’s Cougar Paw and utilizing the UH logo to proclaim, “LOVE YOU H-TOWN.”

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“The idea behind this mural was to merge the U of H logo with the love of Houston,” Roman said in a press release. “Throughout the mural, you can see different elements of Houston and Texas. You have three hands because we’re in the Third Ward. We have the Texas Lonestar, the state of Texas, and the football going back to the stadium field. Then there’s the Houston skyline, the red obviously for the U of H colors. This was an amazing project, and I want to thank TDECU for bringing this to life. It means a great deal to have this at the University of Houston. I hope that this can inspire students to also share their love for the city.”

This is just the latest of Donkeeboy’s murals paying tribute to Houston. He’s created more than 30 such works in Houston, including the VOTE mural at 3718 Main Street and others created with his mother Sylvia, known as Donkeemom. Earlier this year, he created murals honoring George Floyd and Vanessa Guillén.

If you want to see this mural in person, TDECU Stadium is currently operating at 25% capacity for home football games, and tickets are on sale now. The Cougars open their 2020 season tonight against Tulane.