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DUBLIN RESIDENTS ARE being advised not to travel outside the county, either for domestic trips and overseas journeys.

In a statement from Government Buildings this evening Taoiseach Micheál Martin said that those living in the capital are advised to stay within the county, unless they need to travel for work, education and other essential purposes.

Non-residents are also advised not to travel into the county except for essential reasons.

People from other counties can travel through Dublin to get to the airport and the port.

However, Dublin residents are advised not to travel to other countries, except for essential journeys.

Similar to the travel advice throughout the pandemic – it is not a criminal offence to travel beyond the county border or travel abroad. 

A government spokesperson confirmed “it is not a criminal offence” but is against the regulations. 

They said the gardaí will be encouraging people to comply as they have done throughout.

Green Party leader and minister Eamon Ryan said Dublin people will be treated the same as another person from another county transiting out of Dublin airport, but confirmed that people are being urged to only travel for essential purposes – both domestically and internationally.

“There is a clear decision that you can transit through international airports, that’s been the case since the very start of this pandemic,” he said.

He said that the gardaí, airport and other authorities will have to use their discretion when policing these restrictions, stating policing it is ”not a role for the government”.

– Additional reporting Aoife Barry