NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2020 / Former baseball player turned serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, and influencer Ryan Engh is helping so many people improve their financial status as an expert in credit and investing. Using practical approaches and his personal start-up experiences, he is also fast becoming a go-to person where it concerns developing new ventures and strengthening existing businesses.

While he started out as a passionate baseball player playing for elite travel baseball programs such as the EvoShield Canes, school did not work out very well for him as he graduated with a lower GPA than many of his peers in high school. Confident that baseball was his life’s purpose, he proceeded to attend High Point University. It was during his time in college, while he was juggling his athletics and academics, that he launched his first company Entrepreneurship Empire Inc., a social media tech startup.

Through Entrepreneurship Empire Inc., Ryan Engh was able to make significant connections until he found himself helping celebrities and real estate investors build their social media brand. He made this happen by using various approaches in marketing, such as storytelling, which generated millions of impressions for his clients on Facebook and Instagram. Realizing that he was destined to do great things in the business sector more than in baseball, Ryan dropped out of college at 19 years old.

“I love education and learning, I just hate the system. A lot of people stop learning the day they graduate or leave school, and that alone is a failure of the school system,” Ryan explains.

While Ryan still believes in the value of a good education, he cannot help but share that most of the skills he learned to run his businesses and do his consultancy work were derived from listening to successful entrepreneurs outside of the university, socializing with them, and observing how they do things to grow their companies. As an influencer, he understands the weight of his influence on the way of thinking of his numerous followers. Instead of forcing his personal principles on them, he simply shows them a better way of doing things – something that is often not taught in schools.

“Listen to the people that are doing what you want to do,” Ryan says.

At present, Ryan Engh continues to leverage his own credit lines to invest in different businesses that include real estate, e-commerce stores, and startup projects that have the potential to become extremely successful in the future. His success in the area of credit building and investing have paved the way for him to be able to coach the likes of Grant Cardone and Tai Lopez. Some of his most powerful credit tips can be found on his Instagram account.

“Over the next year, I got over 20 credit cards, built over $100,000 in credit lines, and traveled to different cities for meetings. Along the way, I learned how to experience ultra luxury things like private jets, suites, and luxury rental cars for cheap. I also started working with influencers and building their credit, which has helped build my following.” Ryan shares.

Ryan Engh is currently working on another significant project, which is designed to educate people with an emphasis on applicable principles such as maintaining good credit.

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