Eshopbox travels the extra mile to redefine customer

Eshopbox launches a bot-driven portal committed to providing post-purchase support for consumers

Eshopbox, one of the leading providers of tech-enabled third-party logistics(3PL) in India, today revolutionized customer support for their online shoppers. Eshopbox launched a portal dedicated to delivering a seamless post-purchase experience. The post-purchase journey for an online shopper starts when a purchase is made on the brand website or marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and ends when the buyer receives their order. This journey involves intermediate phases like picking, packing, and shipping of ordered items. To address customer queries associated with these phases, Eshopbox has deployed a custom bot programmed to resolve frequently asked questions. If the problem statements are complex, the bot will redirect the query to an order fulfillment expert. Buyers can now visit Eshopbox’s portal for any purchase-related questions such as order tracking, returns, refunds, and more.

Retailers and brands send products to Eshopbox’s technology-enabled fulfillment centers where they are stored, picked, packed, and then shipped. Eshopbox processes close to a million orders a month and has an order accuracy rate of 99.2% and a marginal order defect rate (ODR). These shortcomings in order fulfillment known as order defects typically include:

incorrect item(s) received by the customer
incomplete order received by the customer
damaged item(s) received by the customer

“We wanted to automate and expedite the resolution process for consumers whether it means tracking an order, replacing an order, claiming a refund, or filing a return request. Our bot will be able to solve a major proportion of incoming queries by taking shoppers through a unique resolution journey based on their discrepancies,”
– Rishabh Khanna, product manager at Eshopbox.

Eshopbox support team has access to required images and video footage corresponding to the timestamp when the order was packed. They can use these to perform root cause analysis and determine inadequacies in order fulfillment if required. According to Oracle, 50 % of customers want a business or service provider to stay accessible 24/7. Shoppers can now expect to have reliable access to help-desk with zero waiting time. Usually, the brand website or marketplace is responsible for the entire post-purchase experience. However, shoppers tend to approach the fulfillment partner which was an additional reason behind the formulation of this portal.

“This is a conscious step taken by us to ensure that customers who are purchasing merchandise from our clients get a superior experience. We’re sure it will reflect in performance parameters such as Net Promoter Score (NPS) for brands. It will also help grow customer relationships and brand loyalty,”
– Saima Saleem, customer support specialist at Eshopbox.

Vill-Babra Bakipur, Near Adani Logistics Park,
Gurgaon-Pataudi Road, ICD Patli,
Gurgaon, Haryana 122503

Eshopbox is a technology and logistics company that helps brand retailers drive their eCommerce operations. Retailers distribute their inventory to Eshopbox fulfillment centers and make their inventory available on multiple point-of-sale like brand website and marketplaces. When a purchase is made, Eshopbox picks, packs and ships the order to the customer using its ‘intelligent order routing’ algorithm. The system is designed to enable speedy delivery, for a reduced shipping cost while maintaining industry safety standards.

This release was published on openPR.