A one-of-its-kind theme park known as Mini-Europe that houses a collection of miniature European landmarks is forced to close shop on December 31 due to the COVID-19 crisis. As per reports, the owner and director of the pro-EU theme park, Thierry Meeùs had declared earlier this month that he had been unsuccessful in reaching an agreement with the landlords Brussels Expo despite the promise of ‘major investment’. 

As per The Guardian report, Meeùs said in a statement last week that the crisis prevailing due to the COVID-19 pandemic had ‘spared no one’. It even left him without any other option but to shut down the 31-year-old tourist attraction, one of the most famous spots in Brussels.

Some Belgium media outlets have reported that the park could probably move outside Brussels with Louvain-La-Neuve and Waterloo being touted as potential future locations. However, the owner of Mini-Europe has not yet commented on the same. 

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Mini-Europe exhibits more than 350 monuments

Well-known for its impeccable finish, the Mini-Europe exhibits over 350 monuments selected for their architectural quality and their European symbol. From the cathedral of Santiago that took more than 24,000 hours of labour to the placement of all 6,000 figures by hand for the building of Seville, the park showcases “all Europe animated in miniature” reconstructed down to the smallest detail. 

Apart from the tiny tourist attractions, towards the end of the visit to the park, there is a ‘spirit of Europe’ which is a large covered space having activities, games, as well as quizzes that allow the theme park goers to analyse their knowledge of now the 27-nation-bloc. Showcasing the diverse history of the union, the park has said on its official website that it wants to help the people relive “surprising common history with its values and legacies”. However, the permanent closure of Mini-Europe after opening its doors for the first time in 1989 comes a ‘blow’ for Brussels, that likes to style itself as the capital of Europe. 

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Image: @MiniEuropeOfficial/Facebook