Travelling can give you a new perspective on life. When you bring travelling up in conversations, most people’s minds conjure up images of dreadlocked backpackers hiking through narrow mountain passes and rainforests. While backpacking is indeed a very effective and entertaining way of seeing the world, there are many other ways of travelling that are just as good.

If travelling and getting a new perspective on the world interests you, then you are in the right place. This post will shed some light on exploring, telling you about some unusual travel ideas you should consider trying out.  

Explore the World With These Unusual Travel Ideas Worth Trying

Cruise Ships

Up until air travel became affordable for ordinary people, cruise liners were the pinnacle of luxury travel. To encourage people to take cruises and forego aeroplanes, providers have started offering trips to hard-to-reach places like Antarctica and the North Pole. If travelling to Antarctica is something that you are interested in you have no choice other than to take a cruise ship. The good thing about them is that not only do you get to enjoy the cruise itself, but you then get to get off of the boat wherever it docks and explore.

Going Backpacking

As mentioned in the introduction to this post most people think of backpacking when travelling comes up in conversation. The reason for this is that backpacking is one of the most effective ways of seeing the world. Travelling around on foot and by public transport lets you see countries in ways you never could otherwise. Many backpackers try to save as much money as possible so find themselves staying in hotels catering mainly to locals. Some also eat at cafés for locals as well. All of this allows them to make amazing memories and have incredible experiences.

Air Travel

Air travel is the most common form of travel. It is also the most convenient. When you consider the fact that there are now tens of budget airlines, it is also the cheapest. If you are interested in flying by plane the most important thing for you to do is find a reliable airline to travel with. Not all budget airlines are of the same quality. It needs to be noted that some budget airlines will not cross continents, i.e., North American airlines will only travel within North America. You can get a good deal on flights by booking them in advance of your trip.

Int’l Cycling

Moving on to more unique ways of travelling, international cycling is something that is worth considering if you are in good shape. Using your bicycle to travel around new countries can be just as liberating and educational as backpacking. Many would argue that cycling is a more effective way of truly understanding the places in which a person is travelling, as they see it in ways that even backpackers cannot. Most backpackers use public transport whereas individuals who are cycling do not. If you plan on travelling through different countries by bicycle then arrange your visas in advance.

Taking Trains

Trains are another great way to see the world. If you have the money then you can take intercontinental trains. Continental trains are services that pass through various different countries, the most famous of these being the now-defunct Orient Express. However, while the Orient Express is no longer in operation there are a variety of different continental trains that you can take. Bear in mind that these trains are often very expensive to use. However, you do usually get your own cabin compartment, enhancing the experience.

Explore the World With These Unusual Travel Ideas Worth Trying

Virtual Tours

Not everybody is financially able to travel the world. Thanks to modern technology, however, such individuals do have other options besides hopping on planes and cruise ships. As long as you have access to the internet and a computer or mobile device you will be able to take a virtual tour. Online tour providers offer tours of many of the world’s most popular cities and tourist attractions. You can usually access virtual tours for free, though some providers may charge. If you are able to pick up and use a virtual reality headset then your virtual tour experience will be a lot more immersive.


Hitchhiking is usually something done by backpackers since walking and taking public transport everywhere is not always practical. For particularly long journeys that would usually require a private vehicle, backpackers hitchhike. Hitchhiking is something you should exercise extreme caution in. While it is unlikely you are going to end up getting picked up by somebody who has bad intentions for you, this kind of thing does happen. If the person who stops for you does not look kind or says something to make you uncomfortable, get away from them.

Submarine Trips

Submarine trips are becoming more and more popular. While this method of travelling is not cheap, it is still a lot of fun. There is really nothing like travelling by submarine. It can take some adjustment though. Many people find the experience uncomfortable at first, as they have never been underwater for more than a few seconds or minutes at a time. If you plan on taking a submarine trip then you will be pleased to know that submarine providers can take you to a broad range of different countries. Travelling by submarine is something very few people ever get the opportunity to do. It is an experience you will never forget.

Space Travel

Space tours are becoming very popular. However, they are also expensive. A single tour can cost around $450,000 per person. If you plan on travelling into space then you are going to need to save up for a while. It also needs to be noted there are some risks associated with space travel, as it has not yet been perfected. The travel company you work with will likely ask you to sign forms declaring that if you are injured, you will not sue them. Take time to research space travel so you can understand these risks before launch. Space travel will change your life forever. Very few people in the world can say they have been to space before.

Travelling the world, meeting new people, and seeing new places will change your outlook and perspective on life. Individuals fortunate enough to travel in their youth often mature in ways their peers do not. Travelling is expensive but you can mitigate costs by staying in cheap hotels and eating in local cafés.