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The plight of travel agents devastated by the coronavirus pandemic has been raised in federal government ranks. Australians have cancelled holidays worth an estimated $10 billion since the virus swept the globe, leaving travel agents decimated. Many are working for free to help people change and refund bookings. Four federal politicians raised concerns about the sector during a joint coalition party room meeting on Tuesday. Hours out from the federal budget, it was the most speakers on any topic raised at the meeting. The Australian Federation of Travel Agents is calling for a $125 million support package to help the industry recover from the recession. Prime Minister Scott Morrison told his colleagues many travel agents were on the “front line” of the JobKeeper wage subsidy scheme, which will last until March. “We can cushion the blow but we can’t eliminate it for all businesses,” Mr Morrison told the meeting. “This is a devastating recession.” Travel agents fear what will happen when JobKeeper payments end. Australian Associated Press