LSU Ticketing Manager Brian Broussard said about 38% of season ticket holders, roughly 28,000 to 30,000 fans, have opted to hold on to their tickets for the 2020 season. Others have either chosen to roll their purchase over to next year or opt out entirely.

Given that Tiger Stadium now has to cut down its roughly 120,000-person capacity to 25%, LSU won’t be able to give everyone their full allotment. LSU believes it has enough to give each season ticket holder at least two, but those who ordered more than that are likely to come up short.

Broussard said those who do get tickets will still get the full season’s worth.

“The person who has a pair of tickets will probably still get a pair of tickets. We’re looking to make everyone’s account full, not piece together three-game packages or anything like that,” Broussard explained. 

LSU is still working out a plan for student tickets.

As far as seating inside the stadium, Broussard said those who purchased tickets together will be clustered together and spaced out at least six feet from the nearest group. 

Additionally the band will be moving down from its usual spot and placed along the fence of the north endzone, and cheerleaders will be in the stands with them.

Parking passes will be emailed out exclusively to those with tickets, and those who purchased parking passes earlier will be in lots closer to the stadium. Those who did not already buy one will get one with their tickets but will be placed farther away. 

Season ticket holders have until Friday to opt out of their 2020 ticket purchase.