Denver International Airport

DENVER — Next time you fly out of Denver International Airport, your parked car can earn you a little extra cash — if you’re willing to let a stranger get behind the wheel.

The Denver City Council last month approved a one-year, $36,500 contract with rental car firm Turo for a pilot peer-to-peer car-sharing deal at DIA.

The move comes months after Avail, a competing firm, landed at DIA, becoming the first car-sharing company to seal a deal with a major U.S. airport.

The arrangement allows Denver-based travelers and residents to loan out their cars to incoming visitors, allowing them to make extra money instead of dishing it out in parking fees while they’re away. Car borrowers get an often-cheaper alternative to rental cars or ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft.

DIA is the first airport to offer car-sharing contracts, said Amy Edinger, the airport’s senior vice president of commercial business development, adding that the companies had previously resisted regulation from airports.