David Andreev is a France-based speed flyer AKA the “Speedflying Kid.” 

He has a dedicated speed flying YouTube channel called “Speedflying Kid.” The daredevil makes recommendations on where to speed fly (mostly places in France), provides tips on how to perfect the craft and, of course, shares footage from his expeditions, like the time he went speed flying alongside a waterfall. 

Speed flying is a hybrid sport that combines paragliding and parachuting. Speed flyers use small, high-performance paraglider wings to descend heights quicker than typical paragliders. 

If you’re still confused, you’ll want to watch Andreev as quickly flies down a mountainside in the Austrian Alps. The athlete posted the clip on his Instagram david.andreev_. 

“Look how the river slowly grows as I follow it down the mountain,” Andreev said in the caption. 

The speed flyer captured the heart-stopping footage with a GoPro. Things start off smoothly with his legs dangling above the tree canopies. Andreev twists and turns as he follows a winding river that stretches down the mountain. Suddenly, he makes a steep drop and does a barrel roll (rotates his body) to follow the stream into the canyon. There are several moments where it seems he’s only inches above the rocky ground and trees. Finally, he makes a safe landing and gleefully walks off. 

“Damn, this is sick!” one user wrote. 

“Beautiful,” another said.

“Fire,” one person commented.

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