FORT WORTH (1080 KRLD) – A Fort Worth museum honoring the military that closed last month is being resurrected.

a man wearing a uniform and standing in a room

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The Military Museum of Fort Worth closed its doors in the Stockyards on August 31st.

Executive director Tyler Alberts says he initially got a good lease deal in the Stockyards from the building’s then-owner.

“He unfortunately sold it to a new owner, and they raised our rent 400%,” says Alberts. “That was going to be unsustainable, so we had to find a new home.”

Ridgmar Mall came to the rescue and offered Alberts lease terms that will allow the museum to reopen.

“We’ll be reopening on Veterans Day, this coming November 11, in our new location,” says Alberts. “We’ll be expanding from 4,500 square feet up to 11,000 square feet.”

With the expanded space and new location, Alberts hopes to attract more locals to the museum.

“We were serving the tourists that were coming to the Stockyards, but we weren’t really getting as many of the local (visitors),” Alberts says. “Visitorship was good down there; it just also wasn’t the locals that we’re really hoping to connect with on a day-to-day basis.”

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