The Godzilla museum has unleashed a number of new exhibits that feature the world of the Kaiju created by Toho, and recently, the opening ceremony has given us a look at the new statue that is a life sized recreation of the new version of the lizard king in Shin Godzilla! Allowing fans to, seemingly, careen into the kaiju’s mouth, this Godzilla museum is offering a number of different attractions that are sure to satiate any kaiju fan’s need for learning more about the world of giant monsters that has been spanning cinemas for decades!

The Godzilla Museum with the aforementioned four hundred foot statue of Shin’s head creates an in-depth experience for patrons, allowing visitors to pretend to be scientists. Using the title of “Godzilla Interception Operation – National Godzilla Awajishima Research Center”, the new museum is definitely looking to give visitors their bang for their buck when it comes to not only taking in various attractions, but eat food that is patterned after the kaiju as well as play interactive games wherein “scientists” can blast at the various Kaiju. With the entrance fee being only $10 USD, we’re crossing our fingers that we eventually see something similar brought to North America.

Kaiju News Outlet shared several photos from the opening ceremony for the Godzila Museum, giving us a better idea of what fans visiting the Japanese spectacle at Awaji Island Anime Park can expect to see from this Shin version of the lizard king that has easily become the most popular giant monster the world over:

While there hasn’t been word about the Shin version of Godzilla getting a sequel, the killer kaiju is set to arrive next year with the colossal crossover in Godzilla Vs Kong. The meeting of these two titans via the Legendary Monster-Verse is directed by Adam Wingard, who had previously lent his talents to the likes of The Guest and Blair Witch, who has taken to social media time and time again to hype fans up for the film that has been delayed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

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