Tottenham Hotspur fans have flooded the phonelines of a Hertfordshire golf club, after images emerged on Twitter seemingly suggesting Gareth Bale was booked in to play a round of golf.

Bale’s love of golf is perhaps the worst-kept secret in world football.

The Welshman spent plenty of time out on the golf course during his time at Real Madrid, giving rise to the iconic ‘Wales. Golf. Madrid – in that order’ slogan that has been adopted by members of the Red Wall.

Bale landed in London on Friday as he looks to complete his return to Spurs seven years after leaving, and fans were sent into meltdown when a picture of a booking form for the course appeared on social media, with Bale, Daniel Levy and chief scout Steve Hitchen all apparently booked in for 18 holes.

The player’s love of golf, and the fact Hadley Wood is close to Tottenham’s Enfield training complex, caused many to jump to conclusions.

Indeed, it seems entirely plausible that Bale would want to celebrate his move with a quick go around one of he local courses.

However, the club has now moved to set the record straight.

“Never had so many Friday afternoon tee time requests,” the club tweeted.

“#WeWish #BaleBack #HadleyWood #COYS.”

It seems the screenshot may well have come from a member of Spurs forum Fighting Cock, with the charmingly named user ‘Fattynomates’ seemingly taking responsibility.

He wrote: “If you look at my first screen shot the booking bit says ‘me’ next to Bale. I just pre-booked it with the names to get the screenshot, didn’t realise it went through.”

The internet really is a weird and wonderful place.

One thing is for sure, Bale is likely to soon be a Tottenham player once again, with negotiations believed to be progressing positively.

Whether he pays a visit to Hadley Wood in the near future remains to be seen.