This week on The Chrome Cast, we spend quite a bit of our time talking through all the things we’re excited to see at Google’s event in just under two weeks from today. Between a new Nest speaker, a couple new phones, and the all new Chromecast with Google TV, there’s a lot of solid hardware getting ready to become available. While I’m happy to see the phones in the flesh and think the speaker will be a nice addition, I’m most excited by the price and functionality of the new Chromecast. We’re also equally sad that there’s no apparent Chromebook for this year’s event.

On the Chromebook front, our discussion about Lacros and what it could mean for Google to decouple Chrome from Chrome OS rounds out the podcast this week. There are some parts of the whole thing that have us all a bit dubious about what the end game is, but it’s a fun discussion to have either way.


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