If you’re like me, the show Goosebumps was originally a staple on your bookshelf before it was twenty minutes of a visual haunting. Not much was available in the realm of horror for kids on television, so when this R.L. Stine classic series of stories came from the page to the small screen is was big for horror-loving kids such as myself years ago. Even though many of us who loved the series as kids have now grown up, the spooky and haunting narratives still bring back incredible memories today. Many episodes have given us all great scares, but there are a few select ones and ones that have multiple parts that have stuck with me out of them all.

Image still from the Goosebumps episode, “Welcome to Camp Nightmare”. Source: IMDB

Welcome to Camp Nightmare” Parts 1 & 2

Going to camp as a kid can either be an adventure or a complete nightmare, especially for the introverts out there (myself included). The mystery surrounding Camp Nightmoon, that our main protagonist Bill and his fellow campers encounter, involves weird noises in the woods and even weirder counselors.

Image still from the Goosebumps episode, “Shocker on Shock Street”. Source: IMDB

“A Shocker on Shock Street”

 Twists are often a part of the series and this specific episode does it very well. The main character, Erin, has a father who works in the special effects department for a new theme park set to open and offers her and her friend, Mark, a chance for a sneak peek at his work. Excited, because the ride is based on a favorite show of theirs, the pair happily agree and move forward on the ride with horrors to be revealed.

Image still from the Goosebumps episode, “One Day at Horrorland”. Source: IMDB

“One Day at Horrorland” Parts 1 & 2

Long car rides with your family to either vacation destinations, or in general, to any far-away place, can be both boring and/or stressful. For the Morris family, it ends up being truly horrific. The family happens upon an amusement park, Horrorland, that seems to have appeared out of thin air. Watching this one as a kid, I was thrilling at the possibility of such a weird place to find but also found myself filled with nightmarish uncertainty for the family’s fate.

Goosebumps Top 5 Eps That Still Have Us Hiding Under the Blankets
Image still from the Goosebumps episode, “The Haunted Mask II”. Source: IMDB

Goosebumps’ Special “The Haunted Mask II”: Parts 1 & 2

A follow-up to the classic origin story of the haunted mask from the first season, we visit the life of Carly Beth and her friends again around a year later during Halloween. Steve becomes obsessed with finding the mask Carly Beth wore previously, and ends up learning his lesson when he does. With an introduction by the man himself, R.L. Stine, this two-part story will remain a favorite always.

Goosebumps Top 5 Eps That Still Have Us Hiding Under the Blankets
Image still from the Goosebumps episode, “Stay Out of the Basement”. Source: IMDB

“Stay Out of the Basement” Parts 1 & 2

 A girl and her brother attempt to survive the few days their mother is out of town and their dad stays behind obsessed with his lab in the basement. The siblings grow more concerned with their father’s odd behavior and obsession with the plants growing and dwelling down below. With a fun shock at the very end, this story takes many turns and certainly doesn’t help anyone with a fear of basements…or family secrets.

Most episodes in the series are worthy of being any top category list due to nostalgia and creative plotlines alone.  So reader beware and be ready to have a nostalgic scare this spooky season with Goosebumps. Let us know what your favorites are!

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