READING, Pa – It’s a multimillion dollar recreation plan to help places like Reading improve outdoor all-accessible facilities.

Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn visited the 3rd and Spruce Recreation Area to share illustrated plans.

Why Reading?

“We chose Reading because we felt it embodied the vision of our plan, recreation for all, sustainability,” Dunn said.

The accessible nature of these proposals strikes an emotional tone with Reading Mayor Eddie Moran, who was also on hand to discuss the future of recreation in the city.

“As a father of a child with special needs, I have always advocated for him and children like him to have a place where they could play without too much challenges,” said Moran.

In addition to something we all can now relate better to, the importance of using outdoor recreation to deal with the problems our world is currently facing.

“They’re cooped up at home. Perhaps they’re doing their learning from home. Perhaps they’re working from home. People are confined in tight spaces,” Dunn said. “One thing that was deemed essential from the beginning was time outdoors.”

Another plan that’s been often discussed and rendered, a new skate park at South Sixth and Canal streets, which will receive funding from this plan to push it closer to completion.

“I’m so grateful that the funds that are coming in is for everybody to enjoy,” Moran said. “All ages, all different backgrounds. It’s not just for a specific area.”

For that often talked about skate park, the state is offering $270,000, which the city plans to match.