OUTER BANKS, NC (WAVY) – The tidal flooding wasn’t significant for most of Hampton Roads, but it did cause some problems on the outer banks Sunday

NCDOT workers have been out working really hard the past few days trying to keep driver safe as waters continued to rise on NC12.

“Basically the coast of North Carolina is getting a triple whammy right now,” said Tim Hass with NCDOT.

Hass said king tides, and high winds associated plus an active Atlantic coast is playing a part in the high waters they’ve seen over the past couple of days on the Outer Banks.

“All those things together have created a situation where we are getting so serious ocean over wash at high tide,” he said.

Low tide has already passed early in the day on Sunday but pictures and video from viewers show what NC12 and parts of the outer banks looked like earlier. During high tide the ocean water is rushing over the dune creating what almost looks like a lake on the road.

“At High tide what we’re getting is ocean over wash I’ve the dunes especially in certain locations between Rondanthe and the bridge, also in Buxton also in Ocracoke,” said Hass.

Hass says part of the road between Rondanthe and the Basnight bridge and Ocracoke Island closed late Sunday once again.

They always encourage people to turn around from standing flood water, but once it goes down there are some other things to keep in mind.

“If there going down or going back to Hatteras island there will be so water and some sand on the roadway so we are telling people to drive with extreme caution and to keep in mind that, that water on the roadway is salt water, so the least amount of waves you can make as you go through it the better it will be for your car,” he said.

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