Summer is Winding down and Labor Day weekend is upon us. 

Holiday weekend travel expected to be down



Many Americans are expected to be hitting the highways this holiday weekend.

But some people we spoke with expect to see fewer travelers on the road.

“I’ll be different because of COVID, I don’t think maybe people are going as far because of the restrictions on the states,” said Terry Medino, from New Jersey. 

Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end to the summer season, which means many folks are trying to one last vacation in, while they still can. 

According to Triple-A, about 6 million people will be traveling this holiday weekend. That’s down 11.5 million from last year. Officials believe the COVID-19 pandemic is behind the decrease.  

Out of those who are traveling 97% are expected to travel by driving and not flying.

While many people may stay close to home this year, many folks are out traveling to places for the holiday weekend.

“We’re going to New York City to see our son and his family,” said Delores Dzizdzic, from Ohio. 

“We are going out to see my sister, out in New Jersey,” said Liz Baker, from Indiana County. 

“Our plans for Labor Day are to go to two barbecues, our daughter’s boyfriends and then my brothers,” said Medino.

While many people we spoke with will be enjoying the holiday weekend with family and friends, there are some people, like truck drivers, who will not.”

“I’m going to be working this holiday weekend um, it was a little spotty, because like I said everybody doesn’t get a chance to work, so with everything that’s going on with the COVID you know, so I’m almost just happy to be able to get back into trucking and to be working,” said Brian Tezeno, a truck driver. 

If you plan on hitting the road this holiday weekend, State Police are asking drivers to buckle up, slow down, and not drive impaired or distracted.

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