HOME Readers Say: My dream home

Daily News readers share what and where their dream house would be and located:

Julia Larsen, Greenville — “A cottage in the woodlands with lots of flora and fauna and peace. Maybe a trickling waterfall.”

Heather Rae Palmer, Lakeview — “My dream home, would be located right outside of town, a big single story home with a finished basement. 5 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a bathroom downstairs. Lots of land for my children to play, and a wrap around porch. And I would like it to be near a lake. I live in town Lakeview”

Steve Ford, Lakeview — “I wouldn’t trade where I am sitting right now for anywhere, Manitou Beach is the only place I want to be.”

Cheri Hoffman Stump, Greenville — “A bungalow on the ocean. Sit quietly every morning and watch the dolphins play. Sunsets every night. For me, it can’t get much better than that.”

Michelle Allison, Greenville — “ cabin in the woods. No tv, no internet. Go back to reading an actual newspaper, knitting, gardening, and quality family time.”

Deb Smith, Greenville — “Right where I live, a modest house on a chain of lakes surrounded by nature.”

Katy Krantz, Greenville — “My husband would say a log cabin on the shore of Lake Superior. I’m okay with the log cabin, but could we find a lake closer to Greenville?”

Cyndi White, Belding — “A cabin in the UP.. somewhere hidden by the waterfalls!”

Chris LaMange Hubbard, Greenville — “A small bungalow on the beach in Hawaii where I can see. the sunsets!”

Crystle Parker, Grand Rapids — “A village in France or Italy. Right in town so walks to coffee shops, restaurants and shops are enjoyed daily.”

Brittany Norton, Greenville — “Houseboat on Lake Michigan during the warm months, take the rivers south during the chilly season.”

John Speckin, Ionia — “A Ranch style house with a wrap around porch situated in the Rolling hills of Kentucky ..Far away from the city life..I currently live in Ionia Michigan.”

Kellie Duell Jeppesen, Stanton — “Beach house in Aruba …The Happiest Island… Our home away from home.”

Lori Davis, Ionia — “Log/stone cabin in woods down south somewhere warm no snow. I live in Ionia.”

Amanda Glaspie, Ionia — “Log cabin in the smoky mountains.”

Lynette Munn, Ionia — “I’d be in a log cabin with a wrap around porch in the mountains.”

Cathy Leatherman, Ionia — “We just bought a house in March that was built in 1885 and I do believe this is my dream house! We even have the original claw foot tub!”

Cathy Hoppough, Ionia — “Luckily I get into a lot of homes. My dream home — the place you walk into and feel surrounded by love. Home is not where you live, it’s the feeling you get within your own walls. The laughter, tears, stories and memories. Fire light on a cold winter’s night, fireflies on a hot summer night. Coffee in the coziest chair or ice tea on the patio. Pictures of smiling faces that love me hung on the walls. There is no place like home.”

Tammy Hankis, Saranac — “A cabin on a good fishing lake, preferably in the woods. Somewhere that it only snows on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, otherwise it’s in the mid-70s year round.”

Amalie Stoneman, Ionia — “At Big Sur, where the mountains meet the ocean.”

Dalton Baty, Ionia — “A huge cabin in Multnomah Falls, Oregon!”

Katie Sue Larson-Conn, Palo — “I love my current home, just wish it was surrounded by trees.”

Missy Millard Mitchell, Ionia — “We would like a pole barn style home in the country but not too far outside Ionia. We want to be able to park our vehicles in the barn and have property and ability for at least four campers to come stay…including electric and plumbing for them all. We would primarily live in our 5th wheel.”

Lori Bauer, Lyons — “Small house in Hoonah, Alaska, watching whales and looking at mountains.”

Mary Sherd, Sheridan — “We have a home back an acre from side road outside of Sheridan. Been here 41 years and love it here. Born and raised in Greenville but love the country. We planted 500 blue spruce in 87 and they are now blocking our view from the road, we are hidden. Love it and the privacy.”

Janice Meyers Rhyndress, Sheridan — “Take me to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands…Magens Bay Beach with a private roomy bungalow. Currently living west of Sheridan in a country setting.”

Archie Messenger, Belding — “I actually live in that house now. I have a good sized house on 10 acres right on the edge of Belding. I loved here for 14 years plus and I never want to sell.”

Kimberly Lavender, Greenville — “A condo in Southern California, between LA and San Diego, by the ocean.”