Consider hybrids. In golf, they provide you with a world of options. In real estate, though, they can bog you down. 

That’s especially true for vacation properties.

Take timeshares, for instance. The price might be nice. But you own nothing, and control even less. 

Fractional ownerships are problematic, too. Sure, they give you equity, but they’ll get you elsewhere. The costs are inflated, and they can be difficult to resell. No matter how creatively you crunch the numbers, they add up in the developer’s favor and not yours.

So, what to do?

Jack Nicklaus never used a hybrid in his playing career, but real-estate hybrids are another story. He’s got a solid handle on all the concepts. There’s one he likes so much, he has backed it with his name.

The ResClub at the exclusive Jack Nicklaus inspired Bear’s Den community at Reunion Resort, in Orlando, is a vacation membership that combines the best of both worlds: great family fun at resplendent destinations, and investments that make sound financial sense. Rather than tie you down in an equity-less timeshare, or lock you in a fractional deed with little flexibility or value, ResClubs gives you access to luxurious properties throughout the expanding Nicklaus lifestyle brand, while generating income for you along the way.

Room with a view: At your ResClubs property, you can relax in style after a day on the links.

Here’s how it works:

Properties in the membership are part of internationally branded, resort communities with top-flight reputations — the kind of places discerning travelers want to be. For this reason, you never have to worry about one home in the pool undercutting the value for everyone. With your ResClubs membership, you’re completely in control — you simply select the desired product and level of personal usage, 2 or 4 weeks; there’s even an option for investors with zero weeks. The remaining weeks from the 10 weeks of membership is placed with the leading management company, which provides a “hassle-free” operation so you don’t have to lift a finger, except to count the money coming in.

With all ResClubs membership programs, there’s a guaranteed rental element which allows all members to benefit and earn an additional income up to 10% per annum (based upon personal usage level selected).

And then there’s this: At anytime after your 5th-year anniversary, there is a membership buyback program at 110% of the initial membership price, so you can always sell your membership back to the developer.

Over the next 12 months, ResClubs International will be bringing into its portfolio premium properties in the Bahamas, Belize, Cape Cod, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Orlando, Panama, Puerto Rico and the Cayman Islands. For those who like to ski and fish, homes in Idaho, Maine and Canada will be added as well.

Because many of these destinations have world-class golf courses, you’ll want to bring your hybrids. And the rest of your clubs, too.

For more information on ResClubs, please click here.

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