The highly anticipated release of the QLED 8K 2020 represented the beginning of a new era in entertainment experiences for Samsung enthusiasts. With premium design and next-generation visual and audio technologies, the latest addition to our world class TV range was immediately met with rave reviews from consumers. In the months since, its reputation has risen swiftly and spectacularly, with the TV now firmly established as immersive and incomparable in equal measure. Here, we explore how the 2020 QLED 8K became one of the most popular products in the TV segment and established itself as an attractive alternative to traditional cinemas.

Unmatched visual quality

The 2020 QLED 8K’s TV processor is fundamental to delivering a complete visual performance for home theater experiences on every occasion, the kind of which has not been experienced before. The intelligence and intuitiveness behind the brilliance of the processor installed on the TV are apparent from the get-go, a combination that has succeeded in welcoming a new era in cinematic adventures from the comfort of consumer living rooms. Every frame’s power can be witnessed through 33 million pixels, portraying unrivaled clarity complemented by a resolution four times higher than 4K, with the Quantum Processor 8K ensuring the highest possible standard of quality irrespective of the source quality of the original content. This is because it seamlessly taps into an extensive knowledge database developed through millions of learned patterns, establishing the perfect scene for an immersive and incomparable viewing experience. What’s more, 8K AI upscaling analyzes every scene of content to provide next-generation visual quality, processing everything from color and data to lighting and contrast details. 8K picture alone can be viewed from any source. Even if the quality of the content’s origin is not initially compatible with 8K, AI upscaling will optimize picture quality – elevating it to the new standards you have come to love and expect.

Cutting-edge audio effects

Unmatched visual quality is one of the most influential aspects behind the QLED 2020s success, yet there are more specifics as to why the TV has reimagined home theater experiences – including world-class audio capabilities. After all, without these, visual effects would not be as effective. The 2020 QLED 8K features Object Tracking Sound+ that utilizes AI-based software to match audio sound movement with those of objects on the screen. At the same time, an incredible 4.2.2 channel surround sound is effortlessly delivered, supported by speakers on every side of the display and sub-woofers in the back to guarantee remarkable sound quality – something we are all accustomed to in the cinema. Now, this is also available on every occasion to offer a complete, immersive cinematic experience at home. Of course, exactly how powerful audio is varies, and volume can be adjusted in response to common sounds like a blender or vacuum cleaner. The TV uses its built-in speakers as an additional audio channel when connected to a 2020 Q Series soundbar like the Q800. Q-Symphony pairs the audio from both devices to create a dynamic and multi-dimensional soundscape – adding another element to next-generation audio experiences. Moreover, the Active Voice Amplifier (AVA) helps eliminate distracting sounds in the background from other house areas while watching your favorite movies through enhanced voice clarity.

Perfect cinematic design

Unique in its entirety and unlike anything Samsung users have seen before, the Infinity Screen is a standout feature of the QLED 2020s design that instantly propelled the TV to must-have status for home theater purposes. The screen’s black edges are shrunk to almost nothing, resulting in an exquisite and elegant look that elevates viewing experiences to newfound immersion and realism levels – exactly the same as in a cinema. Simultaneously, the practically invisible bezel means viewers can focus their full attention on what’s on the big screen. And that’s not all, as the Infinity Screen is also Ultra Slim – providing an added element of style to enhance its surroundings further. The stunning design blends effortlessly into the background without the TV dominating the room, so those who take the TV home can confidently shape their interior that looks impressive wherever they place it. Furthermore, viewers can also enjoy their home theater experiences in 65”, 75”, and 85” – and any size perfectly complements immersive viewing experiences.