New rules are coming into force at Swansea’s main recycling centre, starting from later this month.

It means you will have to book a time slot if you wish to visit Llansamlet Waste Recycling Centre to dispose of your household waste.

Swansea Council said 600 vehicles a day were visiting Llansamlet, the biggest and busiest of its recycling centres across the city.

It added that enhanced social distancing at the site meant there was less space for vehicles and queues could build-up quickly causing long delays for users.

The new system will only apply to Llansamlet with the alternative sites at Tir John, Garngoch, Penlan and Clyne remaining as they are, with no plans for that situation to change in future.

Here is a guide to everything you need to know about the changes…

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When is the system coming into place

The new booking system will begin on October 26.

How to book

To book a slot to use Llansamlet Recycling Centre, visit the following website by clicking here.

You’ll need to provide your vehicle details, the date and time you would like to visit, your name, e-mail and telephone number.

In order to make a booking you will need to set up an account and provide your home address and vehicle registration details.

This is what happens when you recycle:

What slots will be available

Half hourly time slots will be available to book up to two weeks in advance between 8.30am and 5.00pm each day.

What will happen when you arrive

The council asks people not to arrive on site until five minutes before their alloted time slot.

People must bring their booking confirmation e-mail and proof of Swansea residency to show to site staff on arrival. Vehicles requiring permits will also be asked for the yellow vehicle permit.

You will be allocated a parking bay when you arrive. If a member of staff isn’t available, you must follow the traffic management signs to park your vehicle.

You must not use your vehicle registration number to book visits against different addresses. This will be identified, and you may be refused entry or have your booking cancelled.

How long you’ll be allowed on site

Each vehicle will be given a maximum of ten minutes to offload on site during each visit.

What the council has said…

Cabinet member for environment enhancement and infrastructure management, Mark Thomas, said the new system was similar to booking systems that had been successfully launched in other parts of Wales and were helping to make visits easier for the public.

Mr Thomas said: “Since lockdown’s been eased, it’s been no surprise that large numbers of people have wanted to use the service. It’s really important to residents and to us that people can offload their materials for recycling as quickly as possible while keeping everyone safe.

“The increase in visitors to Llansamlet has caused long queues and long waiting times at certain times during the week when it’s quiet at other times, so it makes sense to trial a booking system and see if this can improve things for residents.

“The booking system is free, really easy to use and residents can choose a half hour slot during the day they plan to visit, either online, or by telephone for those that don’t have web access. We will also be monitoring the new system closely to ensure it achieves the improvements we expect for residents.

“It’s worth residents also remembering that we have four other recycling centres in the city which provide the opportunity for households to dispose of a wide range of materials. These sites will continue to operate without a need to book.”

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No plans for change on black bag rule

Black bags and non-recyclable waste are still not accepted at any recycling centres at this time.

Residents should use the kerbside recycling service as normal, the authority says.

You can find a guide of what rubbish you can take to each of Swansea’s recycling centres by clicking here.