A consumer advocate shares advice to help people get their money back on canceled trips and unused season passes.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — This year of 2020 is very different than what we could’ve ever imagined.-

Lavinia Kelly, a Sacramento resident, planned on spending her weekends with her family at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, so she bought season passes. 

“We went almost every weekend or every other weekend so we were ready to use those passes,” Kelly said.

However, after recovering from COVID-19 she says her health isn’t well enough to go to the park.

“They asked me to go down to the theme park to work it out with them but my health is not well enough,” Kelly said.

We reached out to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on what options it’s providing to people who are not comfortable visiting or unable to go due to their health. Since July they’ve reopened partially as an animal-focused experience.

2020 season pass holders will have their passes automatically extended into 2021, by the number of operating days that the park is not completely open.

Their members will receive one additional month added on to their membership for each month that the park is not open fully and additional bonus benefits like extra tickets to the park.

However, when it comes to a refund the park addresses it on a case by case basis.

Ira Rheingold, executive director for the National Association of Consumer Advocates told us if you’re looking for a refund on your theme park passes or travel to first take a look at the fine print. You can usually find it in your contract or on the website.

“You want to look at what are the grounds and terms of the agreement,” Rheingold said. “Even if you didn’t make an agreement there are some terms in there somewhere that describe what our rights are.”

If you’re not able to get through to the company, you can reach out to your credit card company to dispute it or reach out to the company on social media.

“What is the thing they care most about, right?” Rheingold said. “It’s not just taking your money and collecting your money. It’s their reputation.”

After reaching out to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, a spokesperson said they’ll work with Kelly for her family to get a refund because of their situation.

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