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International Flights: Amid the rising demands for international flights, National carrier Air India has announced that it will operate additional flights between India and Canada from October 25 to 27 March 2021. Bookings for the flights have started. Flyers can book their tickets on the airline’s official website, booking offices, call centres or travel agents. Scheduled international passenger flights have been suspended in India since March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, special international flights have been allowed since July under the bilateral air bubble pacts formed by India with around 16 countries, including Canada.

Who can travel? Take a look at detailed SOPs

From India to Canada

1. Stranded Canadian nationals/residents and foreigners with valid Canadian visa eligible to enter Canada; 2. Indian nationals with valid visas eligible to enter Canada. It would be for the airlines concerned to ensure that there is no travel restriction for Indian nationals to enter Canada before issue of ticket/ boarding pass to the Indian passenger 3. Seamen of foreign nationalities; Seamen holding Indian passports would be allowed subject to clearance from the Ministry of Shipping From Canada to India 1. Stranded Indian nationals; 2. All Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) cardholders holding Canadian passports 3. Foreigners (including diplomats), who are eligible to enter India as per Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) guidelines dated 30.06.2020 as amended from time to time.