Like other travel companies, Intrepid Travel has seen months of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders result in intense demand for trip bookings.

an island in the middle of a body of water: Photo of a Stretch of Coast in Cornwall with a Sandy Beach at the foot of high cliffs. (Photo via AlbertPego / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

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Photo of a Stretch of Coast in Cornwall with a Sandy Beach at the foot of high cliffs. (Photo via AlbertPego / iStock / Getty Images Plus)

The tour operator has noticed one trend, in particular—an unprecedented demand for family travel tours. As a result, the company has launched new retreat-style tours geared toward the demographic, with safety and quality as top priorities.

Intrepid has found that a quarter of the top 25 itineraries booked by its customers globally over the past three months have been family-themed tours, most of which are in Africa and Asia. During the same time last year, just 12 percent of its top itineraries were for family travel.

Currently, the top trips are the South Africa Family Safari with Teenagers and a family tour of Vietnam. North American families are also interested in adventures in the Middle East, particularly Jordan and Egypt.

“After months spent indoors away from friends and classmates, we’ve seen families are eager to get out and explore the world once it is safe to do so, and have a desire to reconnect with both nature and like-minded people,” said Dyan Mckie, Intrepid’s family product manager.

With that in mind, Intrepid’s four new family retreats take place in Turkey, Morocco and England. These groups immerse themselves in a particular region in a “slow travel” style with plenty of time to engage with local communities and experience adventures while staying away from crowds in a controlled setting.

In addition, itineraries have been designed to give back to communities affected by the pandemic and provide enriching activities for children. Itineraries range from three to five days and start at $445 per person.

Travelers can choose the Turkey Family Retreat: Fethiye. This five-day trip gives families the chance to explore the clear, blue waters of the Mediterranean and includes a visit to a turtle rehabilitation center, an easy hike in the mountains, a traditional meze cooking class with locally foraged produce and more.

The Morocco Family Retreat: Ouirgane is a four-day journey for visitors who stay on the edges of Mt. Toubkal National Park, enjoying traditional Berber hospitality. Families can enjoy hiking, exploring small villages, getting to know the local people and learning to cook local dishes.

On the four-day England Family Retreat: Cornwall, travelers explore England’s southwest coast, soaking up the views of sun, sand and sea. Families can enjoy a private yoga and wellness session as well as a visit to a small, family-run bakery that makes Cornish pasties the traditional way in addition to historical programming and more.

The England Family Retreat: Peak District is a three-day retreat during which families can enjoy Britain’s first national park. Groups are based out of Castleton and can walk through scenic villages and along the banks of the River Derwent and more.

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