Sept. 3

Ten vehicles are parked on end of Iverson Road. Vehicles are not allowed after dusk.

A horse was found in a backyard on Highland View Lane.

A woman on Fir Lane said her brother kicked in her door.

A 50-pound dog fell off cliff, on N. Sunset Drive and was stuck 10 feet down in brambles.

A vehicle was reported on fire at stop sign at W. Dry Lake Rd and W. Monticello Drive.

Sept. 4

A caller on S. East Camano Drive said a friend is out of town and an older white Chevy van is parked in the driveway with back doors open.

Sept. 5

A man on Dodge Road said he was kicked off his own property by his neighbors.

Sept. 7

A caller on Lowell Point Road reported a brush fire out of control by the restrooms near the boat launch.


A caller on Shore Drive said a 20 foot pleasure boat is starting to sink.

Sept. 8

A black Honda hatchback was reported stealing mail on Heather Drive.

A caller on Elger Bay Road said it appears someone is living on the land across from the elementary School. The man seemed disturbed, was yelling and didn’t appear happy.

A dead seal with its head cut off was found on the beach close to the end of Arrowhead Beach Road.

Aspen Drive caller found large cat tracks outside, suspects a bobcat or cougar.

Sept. 9

A woman on W. Dry Lake Road said her ex has one of her guns and he isn’t supposed to have any weapons due to domestic violence arrest.

Bonnie Lane caller said a man is walking down the road and started attacking his coat. Now he’s punching the air while he walks.

A vehicle rolled over near S. East Camano Drive and Beach Drive.