Sept 24

A man was hunting on side road with bow and arrow near Eagle Ridge Drive.

A S. East Camano Drive home was burglarized.

Flames were seen from a house near S. East Camano Drive and E. Thunder Road.

Sept. 26

A man in a kayak about 100 yards off shore appeared to be intoxicated, he was going in circles just south of Bythesea Way.

Sept. 27

A caller was delivering mail on Laguna Vista Terrace and found spots of blood in the driveway leading up to the door; no one answered the door.

A caller on Pebble Beach Road reported a sailboat with two adults and a child is possibly trouble because the motor isn’t working and winds are not working to their advantage.

Sept. 28

Country Club Drive neighborhood mailboxes were broken into. The caller has video of the thieves.

A woman on Gull Way reported that multiple mailboxes were hanging open and mail is on the side of the road.

A Country Club Drive woman reported items were stolen from husband’s work truck last night.

Three vehicles were involved in an accident on East Camano Drive and N. Sunrise Blvd.

Sept. 29

A Kowntee Street neighbor was painting with automobile paint and the fumes are blowing into the caller’s window.

Lochwood Drive mailboxes were hit last night. A camera shows it was a small black hatchback.

A woman on Homestead Place found “spyware” in her attic and around the outside of her home.

Lake Drive resident called for advice about a beaver on the lake near their home that’s being destructive to their property.

A caller on James Way reports an ongoing issue with people engaging in sexual behavior in the woods behind their location.

Sept. 30

A caller on Sandy Beach Drive said a neighbor is being violent and throwing wood at passing vehicles.

A Shoreline Drive caller received a threatening email from an unknown person who wants money or they will harm them with acid.