a tree with Mount Fuji in the background: Japan to allow international travellers. Photo: Pexels/ Pixabay

Japan to allow international travellers. Photo: Pexels/ Pixabay

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, countries had put a ban on travel. International and domestic flights were cancelled and people were asked to stay inside their homes to curb the spread of the novel virus.

However, things are changing now and the ban on international travel has been lifted in some countries. Japan will soon be joining this group of countries.

According to Reuters, starting next month, Japan will remove the international travel ban for about 10 countries. They hope that this step would inspire other countries to remove travel curbs for the people of Japan.

However, there are still decisions to be made. According to the local news organisation Nikkei, while picking these 10 countries, the most important aspects will be the low numbers of the new novel coronavirus infections. This list will include places like Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam among others.

But the decision of allowing these passengers in their countries will absolutely depend upon the host countries.

Japan, at the moment, is also trying to negotiate with 16 countries and regions to begin business travel. China and Vietnam belong to this list. Japan will also start permitting foreigners to stay in their country for more than three months from October 1.

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