JOPLIN, Mo. — The city of Joplin is partnering with the History and Mineral Museum.

Allen Shirley, President of the Joplin Historical Society, said, “The museum has always been part of the city.”

After years of asking the Joplin City Council for funding to keep the museum running, it will become an official part of the city as an attraction under the Parks and Recreation Department. That starts November first and will be considered a major turning point in the longevity of the museum as well as its position in the community.

Brad Belk, Community Historian for Missouri Southern State University, said, “It is full steam ahead and the Parks and Recreation Department will do a great job and they’ve had a great relationship over almost these 90 years and so I’m looking forward and I know the staff is looking forward to working with the Parks and Recreation Department.”

City leaders approved the move during budget talks last week. The city will now be responsible for the building and utilities with an annual funding costs of nearly $60,000.

“They will be looking after the museum and it will be in good hands the director is doing a fantastic job here.”

The arrangement gives the museum staff health insurance and retirement benefits, and other city benefits they never had before.

“This will allow us instead of going to the council every year trying to get funding for the museum we will go under the umbrella for the city and actually be part of the city technically and avoid this whole problem having to go back for funding every year,” said Shirley.