EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — The nation’s best touring-dinosaur exhibit is transforming outdoor parking lots in our area into interactive drive-thru experiences featuring over 70 moving, life-like dinosaurs.

The Jurassic Quest Drive-Thru experience has seen over 500,000 cars and 1 million people in attendance since launching the national tour in mid-July. Although the drive-thru experience means visitors will stay safe inside their vehicle, you’ll still need to avoid the swinging tail of the 80 foot-long Spinosaurus.

The drive-thru experience is the only place to encounter some of the largest dinosaurs to ever roam the earth, and some of the eeriest marine creatures to ever lurk the ocean`s depths, from the safety of your family vehicle. This includes a 50 foot-long Megalodon!

Guests will be among the first in the nation to go on a quest using an online audio tour, leading them throughout the thrilling dinosaur safari.

For $49 per vehicle (8 people or less), your dino crew can time-travel and enjoy about an hour-long ride back in time.

The Jurassic Quest Drive-Thru experience will be at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and Point Lookout Town Beach in Hemptead, Long Island, from Oct. 2 through Oct. 11.

Hurry because tickets have already sold out at other cities!