Attracting the interest of both domestic and foreign tourists, Turkish tourism capital Antalya’s dsitrict of Kas serves as a prominent location for scuba diving tourism. The tourism venue hosts a multitude of artifacts and shipwrecks from ancient and modern times.

Among these, the wreck of a WWII era Italian warplane that was shot down during a bombing mission to a British base in the Island of Meis, a replica of 3300 years old Uluburun shipwreck, C-47 military cargo plane wreck that was donated to the town by the Turkish Air Force and a sunken 45 years old M-48 ‘retired tank’ can be found.

Divers who can dive around forty different spots can discover the breath-taking beauties of the underworld. Diving schools at the town, which took required health and hygiene measures against COVID-19, continue to serve divers.

Around 100,000 domestic and foreign tourists visit Kas to dive

Saban Arda Yazici, district governor of Kas, told Anadolu Agency that the town hosts 18 diving schools that yearly attract around 100k tourists.

Underlining that the town contains the finest diving spots in the Mediterranean basin, which presents excellent visibility owing to crystal clear sea, Yazici added that divers could also encounter rare fishes the waters of Kas.

Describing Kas as a town with a brilliant prospect for tourism, Yazici said : “The number of divers who choose Kas for scuba diving stably increases. Even COVID-19 could not hinder the number of diving tourists coming to the town.”

Regarding the measures against COVID-19, Yazici reminded that inspections are routinely made to enforce the standards, and diving school and boat owners comply with the rules.

The governor also mentioned that disabled people can also enjoy diving.

“Well-trained diving instructors help and supervise willing disabled citizens who want to dive. Anyone willing can experience the underwater beauties in Kas,” added Yazici.

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