Halloween is back on or was it ever off?

As the pandemic has cancelled events across Mid-Michigan, people started worrying trick-or-treating wouldn’t happen this year.

But the Village of Birch Run, the City of Midland, and Thomas Township have all said Halloween is a go.

“The way things have been going with COVID, a lot of events was cancelled all summer long,” Paul Moore Birch Run Village Manager said. “Some of the earlier, even the fall events. I know with a small town a lot of rumors get started, there’s a lot of questions out there about what’s going to happen with Halloween and trick or treating.”

The reason why Birch Run put out the statement? It can’t cancel a national holiday.

That legal snag is the same reason other cities are going forward too.

Residents are happy to have a bit of normalcy.

“With what’s going on it isn’t really good for anybody’s state of mind right now sir,” said Dave Lavalee. “And to take away Halloween away from the kids that’s just, that’s just unheard of because it’s basically a family gathering. A family gathers for a night and goes out and enjoys the kids.”

This doesn’t mean participants shouldn’t follow safety guidelines like wearing a mask or social distancing.

“I know from past experience there’s a great amount of pedestrian traffic that night in the village,” Moore said. “So, would it be a concern if I was parent? If I was a parent yeah, I would be concerned.”

The next big event for Birch Run is the annual Santa Visit in December.

No decision has been made on that yet.

Right now, residents are enjoying what they can.