ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — A group of local travel agents spent the night in Cancun doing exactly the opposite of what the sun-soaked travel destination is known for.

“Noise crashing on the windows and the doors, winds out of this world, spooky sounds,” said Marta Merriman, Vacation Express Business Development Manger in Atlanta.

The beach town felt the brunt of Hurricane Delta which hit land as a Category 2 storm with winds reaching up 100 miles an hour.

“We were advised that there was a potential Category 4 hurricane, when you google Category 4 hurricane winds it’s hard to understand what they are if you’ve never experienced it. We 100 percent trusted Royalton Riviera Cancun which is were we are staying,” said Marta.

Video and picture posted online showed chaotic scenes at Cancun airport as many tried to escape before the storm hit.

The group of Atlantans said they were so thankful of their hotel staff who made all guests aware of the need to shelter-in-place.

“The hotel was adamant that by 11 o’clock you have to be in the shelter and they had patrolling until 11:30 p.m. that they knock on every single door,” said Marta.

Marta said the group will continue their business trip given how vital travel agents can be to make sure you get that tan you paid for.

“The 14 agents that are with me have clients in destinations that are taken care of and they can talk to their clients, they know what’s going on and they can really assess the damage, mitigate any set back and inform them hey you are fine,” said Marta.

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