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Louisville has already recorded its deadliest year to date with more than three months left in the year.

As of Sunday afternoon, 121 people have been killed in Louisville in 2020, beating the 2016 record of 117 homicides.

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Micheshia Norment , the mother of Dequante Hobbs, the 7-year-old boy killed by a stray bullet in 2017, spoke to WLKY about the rise in gun violence in Louisville and what needs to change.

“People are taking advantage of carry guns. Their attitude with a gun give them the mindset that they are not afraid. So, the law needs to be change. If the laws don’t change then nothing is going to change, Our generation is flopping more than the older generations. For real, it’s suppose to be the grandparents that fall off. Then the parents, then the children, the children’s children. They going before we going. We can’t say any bodies lives matter if we are not correcting that type of mentality in our own brain cells,” Norment explained.

So far, LMPD officials said only 37 cases have been closed.

A record was also broken in August with more than 20 people killed in a single month.

Seventeen people have been killed so far in September.

The police department has 20 homicide detectives, two missing persons detectives and two cold case detectives. Officials said each detective currently has about four-to-seven cases.

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