Why Vacation Rentals Are Ideal for Remote Workers

Need to get away this fall but aren’t ready to stay at a hotel or resort just yet? For those who can work from home through the end of the year, a long-term rental property may be just the answer. From Arizona to South Carolina, here are vacation homes that offer luxurious amenities—and seclusion.

These Countries Will Grant Citizenship Based on Ancestry

If you don’t want to buy citizenship (and a second passport) by investing a large amount in another country, many nations will grant it to descendants. Americans with at least one parent who was an Irish citizen at the time of their birth, for instance, are automatically considered Irish citizens. Italy and Poland have similar lineage rules. Here’s a guide to countries that will grant citizenship based on ancestry.

A TikTok-Famous Flight Shares 13 Travel Hacks

Salt Lake City-based flight attendant Kat Kamalani went viral on TikTok this summer with her invaluable travel hacks. Among her advice for air travel: Wipe down that overhead vent and do not reach into that seatback pocket. (That isn’t your old tissue in there.) Here are more of Kamalani’s smart hacks for planes and hotels.

Travel Wise

The pandemic may have slowed plane travel, but if you want to board one next year, you probably have to upgrade your driver’s license to fly domestically. Earlier this year, the TSA extended the deadline for obtaining a REAL ID-compliant license until October 2021—but more than 60% of Americans still don’t have one. Here’s what you need to know about the REAL ID driver’s license.

The Best Travel Photos of the Year

Planes may be grounded and hotels may be shuttered, but that hasn’t stopped travel photographers from taking their best shots. The Independent Photographer just announced its awards for the best travel photographs of 2020—see the winning images and all of the finalists.

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