Venom writer Donny Cates has revealed the finale of the upcoming King in Black event series will lead directly into Venom #200.

Marvel Comics writer Donny Cates has reveled that the upcoming five-part King in Black event series will lead directly into a special 200th issue of Venom.

“The issue right after King in Black is Venom #200… Can I say that?” Cates said during the Venom – King in Black panel at New York Comic Con. (Naturally, Venom #200 factors in legacy numbering.) “The issue that follows the King in BlackKing in Black #5 comes out and it is Earth-shattering and insane and it’s oversized and it’s filled with things that I’ve been imagining in my head since I was a little kid — and then right after that, [artist Ryan Stegman] and I are doing issue #200, [Venom‘s 200th] issue.”

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The writer continued, “You know what’s weird? I’m at my parents’ house right now in my hometown and I’m actually filming this from my childhood bedroom. And where I’m sitting right now there’s a wall right here, and growing up this entire wall was filled with Venom issues in bags and boards, like thumbtacked to it. And on that wall was a Mark Bagley Lethal Protector [inaudible] poster. My bunk bed was back here filled with comics. And it’s so weird for me to be doing this in this room and saying this.”

Cates explains he, Stegman and editor Devin Lewis are “incredibly honored” to “be the guys to bring you the 200th issue of [Venom]. And it’s gonna be a really, really, really special issue. And it’s gonna be the beginning of something new, the beginning of something that you’ve never seen before from Eddie [Brock], that you’ve never seen before in the dynamic between him and his family and his symbiote.” On that note, Cates hopes Venom #200 will set the stage for the eponymous character’s foreseeable future.

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Cates and Stegman have been the defining voices behind Venom since the title was relaunched by Marvel in 2018, which has expanded to events like Absolute Carnage and, now, King in Black. The new five-part series launches this winter and will come with a slew of tie-ins.

Written by Donny Cates and illustrated by Ryan Stegman, King in Black #1 goes on sale Dec. 2 from Marvel Comics.

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