DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: MEA Tec, the leader in Managed Security Services Distributor (MSSD) in the Middle East and Africa has announced its landmark partnership with nine renown Cyber Security vendors from the US, Australia, and the UK. The groundbreaking partnership will address the growing security needs of the market in the region.

According to MEA Tec’s Managing Director, Wael Handous, “The annual cost of cybercrime damages is estimated at $5 trillion and is expected to rise in the coming years. As the region’s first MSSD, we have brought the top names in Cyber Security for varying needs, sizes of enterprise and industries on the MEA Tec platform. Our legacy of 15 years in the region has given us insights into the markets that we have fulfilled by offering first-in-class solutions. Our resources on ground will ensure that customers are able to select the optimum solutions they need by offering free consultancy and combining it with the highest level of service at global standards.”

The MEA Tec platform provides world class security solutions to diverse customer groups. This customer-oriented approach is more relevant in today’s business climate and workplace situations, particularly in work-from-home and telecommuting arrangements which demand a higher level of protection.

Deep Instinct is the Next Generation EDR based on deep learning Methodology cyber security platform for zero-time prevention. It provides full protection based on multiple layers, beginning with a prediction & prevention first approach, followed by detection & response, backed up by on-time review & remediate process against known and unknown cyber threats, It will be a game changer by solving AV ,NGAV and EDRs challenges and pain points which clients witnessed over the last 30+ years.

CybeReady offers the only autonomous cybersecurity training platform for enterprises. The CyberReady solution utilizes data science-powered training that implements next-level, adaptive learning methodology and guarantees change in employee behavior towards cyber-attacks. CybeReady’s human learning automation allows employees to train year-round, continuously advancing and adapting their skills to match real-world phishing attacks. The solution is fully managed, making CybeReady the security awareness training solution with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) available today. The great value which CybeReady brings to the security awareness as well as the phishing Simulator industry can’t be described better than less effort for more results.

Agari is the market leader in phishing defense solutions for the enterprise. It services the largest companies with the most complex email infrastructures, across industries and worldwide. With its suite of anti-phishing solutions, Agari is able to provide its customers with multi-layered protection against socially engineered, identity-deception email scams as well as helping organizations with filling the compliance path through publishing and securing the DMARC ,DKIM and full brand protection journey.

Dataguise takes care of personal data privacy and security. It gives data-driven enterprises a simple, powerful solution for global sensitive data governance. A three-pronged approach empowers customers to detect, protect and monitor sensitive data in real time across all their data repositories, both on premises and in the cloud which will help the Market leader DLPs to fill the Gaps with the client’s most sensitive data .

LogicHub automates 99% of the threat lifecycle management process through end-to-end security orchestration, automation and response that adapts to meet the unique requirements of any organization. LogicHub’s unique offering of SOAR and MDR at the same time from the same vendor offers more visibility, detection, and response to the SOC team.

The Bitglass Cloud Security platform is designed to protect data wherever it goes. It is suitable for any app or workload and can be broken down into five key areas: managed app security, mobile device security, unmanaged app security, web traffic security, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) security.

ContentKeeper has been a preferred vendor for global enterprises, educational institutions, and government agencies for more than 20 years. Its multi-layered Web Security Platform delivers a powerful combination of innovative security technologies that proactively prevent malware and other threats; its full featured Web Filtering , Isolation and Security Platform and reliable, multi-gig SSL decryption engine help enforce security policies and maintain regulatory compliance.

“The solutions we offer have been recognized by industry experts and respected analysts like Gartner and Forrester. They serve the needs of the many industries in the region – Oil & Gas, Financial, Legal, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare, Government and more. They have worked well for millions of users in Europe, US, Australia, and other mature markets. Every enterprise has a unique requirement which we at MEA Tec can meet no matter the size of the company, scope of operations or country served across the GCC, Middle East & Africa.” Wael added.

About MEA Tec 

MEA Tec is an Emirati, Dubai based company providing secure, trusted and integrated protection services through teams of cybersecurity specialists. Established in 2005, MEA Tec entered the technology industry to mitigate the challenges related to security faced by businesses. The company’s wide offering of hardware and software solutions has evolved over the years bringing it to the forefront of the networking and cyber security space. MEA Tec is a strategic partner to enterprise, corporate and commercial organizations. Our operations across Middle East and Africa are managed through a network of our offices in 12 cities across seven countries.

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