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Eyes are the window to the soul, and Cacao’s eyes are as beautiful as her spirit. Sweet, brainy Cacao is very easy to train, and she added a few commands to her bag of tricks while she was in foster care. Cacao even learned to ring a bell to let her foster know when she wanted to go outside! Every smarty-pants has their challenge, and Cacao struggled to understand that the game of fetch only works if you return the ball. Luckily, her foster helped her over the hurdle and Cacao loves the game now. She’s also a big fan of treat puzzles!

Cacao is housetrained, polite, and easy to walk. She lived with two foster dog siblings and enjoyed playing chase, going on runs with her foster crew, and sleeping in odd positions around the house. Cacao has been with Austin Animal Center for a while, and they think it’s time she found the perfect home (we do too)!

To meet Cacao, visit Austin Animal Center’s website to set up an adoption appointment!

Upcoming Events:

Austin Animal Center is hosting regular Sunrise Adoption Events on alternating Saturdays from 7 am – 10 am. Sunrise Adoptions are first come/first served, no appointment necessary with all adoption fees waived.

Sunrise adoptions are limited to pets preselected to participate in the event. Participating pets are featured on Austin Animal Center’s social media the Friday night prior.

The Sunrise adoption event takes place on Austin Animal Center’s front lawn. Volunteer handlers walk the dog around to show them off, and visitors get to interact with their potential new best friend. The next event is this Saturday, October 10 from 7 am – 10 am!

Masks and social distancing are required to participate.