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The constant state of war and occupation in Palestine can drive your attention away from the fact that it is hands down one of the most beautiful places on earth. Of course, it’s hard to imagine that amid all the horrific news that comes out of the occupied land. However, two bloggers are here to show you a whole new point of view on Palestine and inspire you to visit the beautiful country.

Meet Malak Hasan and Bisan Al Haj, the two bloggers who are running the Ahlan Palestine blog! The two girls met back in 2016 when they were both the only girls on an insane and spontaneous cycling trip from Palestine’s East Jerusalem to Jordan’s Aqaba. After the 500 kilometers adventure, the two became best friends!

The two are both graduated from the same university, The Swansea University, and they both happen to be very passionate solo-travelers. Combined, they have traveled over 50 countries all over the world! They both know what makes an amazing trip; which is amazing food, new friends, and the best locations to capture the most Instagram-worthy pictures!

The blog is their comprehensive guide on how to experience Palestine like a local! You’d find on that blog hidden treasures, recommendations, directions, camping guides, food spots, and of course, some of the most beautiful pictures you’ll ever see that showcases the mesmerizing nature and rich historical heritage of Palestine.

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