Gov. Ron DeSantis has given the Miami Dolphins the green light to pack their stadium at full capacity.

Florida stays being Florida… I guess that will never change.

At the height of the second wave of COVID-19, many cities are locking down again, ordering for stricter guidelines to stop the spread of the virus. However, with Trump urging Americans not to let COVID take over their lives, we had a feeling this sort of thing would happen.

As reported by TMZ, the Miami Dolphins have been given the green light to start playing games at full capacity. That’s right. Gov. Ron DeSantis has officially approved the move, which would allow tickets to be sold for all of the 65,000 seats inside of the Hard Rock Stadium. 

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While this doesn’t mean that the team will sell out the stadium at their next home game, the Dolphins are expected to allow only 13,000 fans to watch the game live on October 25.

This comes following several outbreaks within NFL organizations, including the Titans, Patriots, Chiefs, and Raiders. 

It also shows a different side to how teams are dealing with the pandemic. The Green Bay Packers recently announced that they would not be allowing fans into their stadium for the entire season.

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Do you think this will backfire for the Dolphins? Would you feel safe going to a packed stadium right now?