The estate I grew up on was on Recreation Way. It’s also where my primary school was, which is where I found out I was creative.

I lived on the estate from year 7 until I went to university. My memories of that time are trying to figure out who I was. I was interested in acting and comedy but nobody from my area was doing anything like that. I started with sketches. I shot one of my first ever sketch ideas in a park on Recreation Way.

It was a place of identity for me. It formed who I was and whether I was going to let what I saw around me impact what I could see in my mind. None of my friends from the area saw themselves doing anything bigger than what had been done by the older lot. Some people had a good job, some people were getting up to illegal activities. But no one had ‘made it’ into entertainment.

That road is where I learned to dream. It gave me a sense of resilience. If I wasn’t in that environment, I might not have thought out of the box. I like to have what I call ‘think drives’ and revisit that road. It brings back so many memories and it helps me to remember how far I’ve come.

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