Power Bank Backpacks

Power bank backpacks. Now that's smart!A backpack equipped with a power bank ensures that you and your ideas never run out of charge. Some of them even come with anti-theft measures, are solar powered and have powerful Bluetooth speakers. The cool quotient is unmatchable.


Metal Straws
Say yes to eco-friendly metal strawsIf you wish to fight against single-use plastic, start using sturdy metal straws instead of the plastic ones. They are reusable and easy to clean. Most can be carried around as key rings too. Let’s be honest, drinking out of a metal straw is also a great conversation starter.


Anti-Theft Jackets
Anti-theft jacketForgo small bags for a simple anti-theft jacket with multiple hidden pockets. They are slash resistant and pick-pocket proof.


Optical Camera Attachments
Smart camera accessory for your smart phoneIn a world where Instagram is the order of the day, these efficient add-on accessories can bring out the best in your phone camera lenses. You can improve clarity, zoom and stabilisation, try creative perspective controls, or brighten frames with a good flash.


Portable Water Filters
Don’t buy plastic water bottles or break your back by carrying large quantities. Instead, invest in a portable water filter and your travels will be breezy. Lightweight, durable and easy to use, they deliver litres of filtered water within minutes.


Cable Organiser Kits
Tangled mess? What's that even?Bid farewell to messy wires and tangled cords with a simple cable organiser kit. Perfect for neat freaks, they not only keep all cables in one place, but also protect them from any potential damage.


Earphone Splitter
Good friends share laughs; best friends share musicAn earphone splitter always comes in handy, whether to share music, or watch the newest season of Sacred Games. And, it is a great way to make a friend (or more?)


360-Degree Cameras
One can't be at all places at one time. Change that with this 360-degree cameraThese all-rounder cameras capture everything at once and are a great way to stitch panoramas. With the right equipment, use the to create a snazzy, 360-Degree tour of your vacation. It will be like you never left.