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© Image: Mojang / Microsoft

Today’s Minecraft Live presentation showed off new content coming to Minecraft and the spin-off Minecraft Dungeons.

In the summer of 2021, Mojang will enhance Minecraft with an update called Caves & Cliffs. Caves & Cliffs has been a much requested update — and its a system that the developers have been quietly working on for some time. The developers are also integrating the 2019 Minecon Live biome vote, where fans requested an overhaul to mountains in the game.

After the update, caves will be generated with much more variation and contrast, with features like waterfalls, cave lakes, and huge caverns. They’ll have more variety, with lush caves, dripstone caves, crystal geodes, and other new environments. There will new blocks, like stalactites and stalagmites, a “skulk sensor” that reacts to movements via Redstone signals. Players will also have archaeology to keep them busy, and can build items like a telescope.

Of course, the caves will also have creatures. The Warden is a new hostile mob that responds to player movement, and players can tame axolotls to aid them in battle.

Meanwhile, Minecraft Dungeons will be getting crossplay across PC and consoles, which is ideal for people who want to play with friends across PS4, Switch, Xbox One, or PC without sacrificing progress. A new area is being added to the game as well. The Howling Peaks pits players against the Tempest Golem. There will also be new enchantments and items to equip and use in battle. For those seeking a greater challenge, the Apocalypse Plus system will roll out alongside The Howling Peaks. This adds 20 new difficulties to the game after Apocalypse 7.

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