With Governor Ivey’s mandatory tourist evacuation ahead of Hurricane Delta still in place, hotels in Mobile are booking up.

Though Delta is shifting west, vacationers and locals are taking precautions.

NBC 15’s Rachael Wilkerson called close to a dozen hotels and all of them were either sold out or close to capacity.

“It’s unfortunate, but yes, we are booking up. Hurricanes are good for business,” said David McWhorter, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Marriott on Airport Blvd.

McWhorter says, with Delta making its way towards the Gulf Coast, more and more people are evacuating to our area for safety.

“It is a little bit different than Sally. We are seeing a shift in more people coming in from the affected area, whereas before we saw a lot of people in crew trucks coming in to help with recovery,” he said.

Several locations we called said they were sold out for the weekend. Managers told us residents across Mobile County were booking in case the storm heads our way.

People from neighboring cities in Mississippi and Louisiana are here along with multiple remediation crews.

“This hotel has been booked up. It’s been real packed,” said Princess Davis, a local mother who said Sally left her and her baby homeless and dependent on hotels.

Davis said they had to sleep in a car one night because she couldn’t find a room, and she hasn’t had much luck finding another place.

“This is the only place I have to go, and it was hard getting in here. Like really hard,” she said.

McWhorter said it’s common for hotels to book up when a storm is approaching the coast, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“Safety is paramount. It’s a good way to get back from the coast in a nice safe building,” said McWhorter.

Hotels are working with people in regards to the cancellation policy. You can call the facility for more information on booking.