The award for being one of the most exotic locations in the world can only go to the Caribbean islands. Filled with dynamism, optimism, and breath-taking scenery these islands can be described as diverse yet intoxicating.

Whether you are looking for a relaxing respite or burgeoning hotspots amidst the locales, a trip to the Caribbean will always result in a spectacular experience.

The list below amasses some of the best destinations nestled amidst this aquatic paradise.

  1. St Lucia
    The gorgeous locations of St Lucia are blessed with an invigorating beauty that is unparalleled to any other destination in the world.  Towering peaks, volcanoes, chalk-colored beaches, and resorts make this locale a huge hit among the travelers.

    While in the place one can kick start their day with a horde of adventurous activities like hiking through the trails of Piton mountains or chasing the sun on the Reduit beach. Also, one can visit the Sulphur springs, or just take a day off to enjoy the scenery from the upscale resorts, either way, the whole trip will remain memorable for you. Luxury Superyacht charter in St. Lucia.

  2. Guadeloupe
    The French-Caribbean archipelago is famous for a plethora of reasons. Home to some of the unusually colored beaches that range from black, red, and golden, these group of islands give you more than one reason to visit. Whether you are a beach bum or adventure seeker, there is more than one activity waiting for you. Try indulging in scuba diving or explore the dramatic landscape, Guadeloupe will surely stun you in every way with its diverse culture. Luxury Superyacht charter in Guadeloupe.
  3. Cayman Islands
    The Cayman Islands is home to some of the best scenic spots in the Caribbean sea. The crystal clear waters house a thriving coral-reef ecosystem that springs around the borders of three main islands namely Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman. While the offshore activities majorly center around diving and snorkeling, the onshore activities are very diverse. Try your hand in horseback riding, or enjoy a culinary experience at one of the hotels, we bet you will love each of them to the core. Luxury Superyacht charter in The Cayman Islands.
  4. Antigua
    If seascapes are your forte, then you will surely fall in love with Antigua. The Caribbean paradise is filled with over 365 beaches which acts as a major attraction for the visitors. Travelers can enjoy a multitude of water sports activities from surfing, diving, and snorkeling on the beach for fun. And if you are someone who loves history, then plan a trip to Nelson Dockyard and Betty’s Hope for learning more about the island’s heritage. Luxury Superyacht charter in Antigua.
  5. Turks and Caicos
    Turks and Caicos is another amazing coastal getaway that will keep you entertained. The charming island has one of the largest barrier reef systems in its territory which scores high with travelers.

    Take a trip to the underwater aquarium and witness a large number of corals, fishes, crabs, and aquatic animals in their natural territory up close. While surfing and snorkeling provide visitors to explore the underwater scenery, basking under the sun is also one of the prime time activity of wanderlusts who visit the place. Just make sure to book your trip in advance as ticket prices might spike up a bit in the peak season. Luxury Superyacht charter in Turks and Caicos.

  6. The British Virgin Islands
    Elegance is the only word that truly resonates with this beautiful place. The long stretch of coastline is paired with pristine beaches to give your trip an aesthetic twist. While in the destination do not forget to pay a visit to Bath National Park for its sea pools and boulders which will surely provide an eccentric experience. Also, do take a trip to the nearby U.S Virgin Islands or relax in one of the posh resorts to weave excellent memories of your lasting trip. Luxury Superyacht charter in The British Virgin Islands.
  7. Aruba
    Aruba is the most happening destination in the Caribbean islands. All thanks to the tailored list of activities, travelers have the time of their life in this destination. From casinos, national parks, hiking through the Ayo Casibari rock formations, to exploring the sea, everything you imagine can be enjoyed in Aruba. Luxury Superyacht charter in Aruba.

    For all those travelers who either find themselves in a fix for the above-mentioned activities, take time out and just laze around the beaches, as the island country delights you in every way.

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